Practice areas

Francois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon

„Endeavour to gain the good-will of foreigners … Let the laws of trade be neither complicated nor burdensome; but do not violate them yourself, nor suffer them to be violated with impunity. Always punish fraud with severity; nor let even the negligence or prodigality of a trader escape; for follies as well as vice effectually ruin trade, by ruining those who carry it on. But above all, never restrain the freedom of commerce, by rendering it subservient to your own immediate gain. … Commerce is a kind of spring, which, diverted from its natural channel, ceases to flow.”

Practice areas

I provide legal services based on consultation, a personalised approach and confidentiality for each client.
In cases involving special areas I can recommend relevant experts colleagues.

I take cases both in Hungarian and in English.
I believe in an effective and practical approach.
I provide permanent legal representation of companies.

Company registration

Establishing a business, modification of a company, transfer of business shares, company transformation, merger, demerger, winding up and legal advice relating to these matters.

Permanent legal representation of companies

Legal advice relating to the decisions of the corporate body (e.g. the shareholders’ general meeting), drafting syndicate agreements, handing in the modifications of a company to the Registry Court, reviewing and drafting contracts between the client and their partners, taking action against late payment of partners (demand for payment, payment order, enforcement), litigation and non-litigation in court and representation before other authorities.

(International) Trade Law

Provision of legal services that are necessary for domestic or trans-border commercial activities, drafting contracts, legal advice and litigation or non-litigation even in a foreign country (e.g. agency or distribution agreements, franchise and licensing agreements, storage, operation, facility management contracts).

Legal matters related to international transportation, freight forwarding

Provision of legal services necessary for land transport (road, rail), ship transport (river, sea) and transport by air, drafting contracts, legal advice and litigation, non-litigation, even abroad.

Real Property Law

Real estate purchase and sale agreements/contracts, real estate exchange agreement, gift agreement, documenting property rights, land conversion, drafting rental/lease contracts and full administration (legal representation before the Land Office and the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA))

Inheritance Law

Drafting contracts such as contracts of inheritance, Wills, donation in case of death, dispositions concerning future inheritance, disclaiming an inheritance, legal representation in probate court and for probate litigation.