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Frequently Asked Questions

11 How can I make contact with the lawyer?

The fastest way to make contact is either by calling the telephone number on the website or by sending an e-mail. If I don’t answer the phone, I may have a trial but after it I will call you back. Before personal meetings it is required to make an appointment.

2May I contact the lawyer on a legal issue belonging to a practice area that cannot be found on the website?

The practice areas can be found on the homepage because I have gained more experience and proficiency in those areas. In exceptional cases, occasionally I try to provide help in other issues as well that are not very far from these.

3Where can I find the attorney-at-law?

My head office is in Aszód where I work most of the time; I stay in my branch office in Budapest during the consultation with my clients.

4How much is the attorney’s fee? When do I have to pay?

At the end of the first or the first two consultations I will inform you whether I take the case or not. If I take it, I will inform you about the attorney’s fee and I will put it in writing in a contract. The fee is different in every case: it can be fixed or hourly fee, basic fee plus success fee. The amount of the fee mostly depends on the time spent on the case and on the difficulty of the case. Usually clients pay after the legal work has been carried out or when the legal procedure is over (the contract work is completed), however, in some cases I will require advance payment.

5May I ask the lawyer to draft contracts or amend them in English?

Yes, you may. I am familiar with the language of international trade and law; I know various types of contracts in English.